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Clay Jugs

“Soon I am carried out into the sunlight, where I am poured and poured, again and again, bringing happiness and wonder to all whom I serve.  I am deeply satisfied and full of joy myself.  Regardless of what happens next, it is this moment for which I was born.”

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Baptism, Identity and Mission

“None of us is the Messiah, of course.  But we each are children of God, and, as such, we are more than we usually imagine ourselves to be.  We were conceived before the world began to be a unique part of God’s holy plan.  Do we know who we really are and what our mission is?”

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Precious Immigrants

“So, thinking of today’s readings, I wonder at a young man and woman willing to uproot themselves, to take only what they could carry on their backs and to go somewhere totally foreign and new, just on the basis of warnings in a dream.  Sure, dreams probably had a lot more weight back then than they do now, but even so.  I’m sure it wasn’t the usual way to respond.”

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“How many sunrises I have waited for: trying to stay awake on a cross country car trip; huddled in inadequate blankets in a desert night; coiled against an intense pain I irrationally hope will ease with daylight; waiting on Christmas morning for that moment when I can go out to the living room to see what Santa brought.”

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Being a Womb

“For us the angel is often not even discernable, let alone understandable.  We cannot see Gabriel among the bright lights and constant noise of contemporary civilization.  Our cell phones get in the way, as do our constant cycles of meetings and obligations.  The only thing we have to guide us and give us the tiniest inkling of hope is prayer.”

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The Perfect Worship Service

“This would be a very important small service.  Though many people feel sad, angry or lonely during the holidays, not many wish to focus on it.  But the ones who come to pray their heartbreak with other people really need the space a Blue Christmas service provides.  So I was keen to get everything right….
It was not to be.”

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Clear Windows

“A religious icon is a window into the realm of heaven.  When I write an icon, I often think of myself as the glass.  The ego part of me creates all sorts of smudges, nicks and dust.  It’s inevitable to the human condition that this would be so.  I try to get as clear as possible by sitting in prayer, but I have to resign myself to never being completely transparent.”

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Standing Before the Son of Man

“Waking up means getting better at serving others.  Waking up also means that we keep growing.  Christ needs us to keep growing because he reveals himself to humanity in ever evolving ways.  There is nothing static about a relationship with God.  If it is static, it is atrophying.”

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The Kingdom, A Tree

“Our kingdom is not of this world.  It is a vast, ancient, living being that grows and transforms with each life that is born into it.  It heals us and cares for us as we reach out in care for the world.  It is the Truth.”

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He Who Has Promised is Faithful

“So I take a walk.  I take a walk, and I notice how blustery and windy it has gotten while I have been huddling inside the house.  My ears are cold; so is the tip of my nose.  It is cloudy, but soon the sun breaks through, and bronze leaves swirl and leap in the street.  I notice little patches of foliage still erupting green into the afternoon light.”

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