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A Difficult Parable


“Through her writings and her inspiration of those who have come after her in the Catholic Worker Movement, [Dorothy Day] continues to be a profound influence moving us all in the direction of the kingdom of heaven…(Read More)

Do Not Worry


“I am generous only when I realize that God is the source of all abundance.  When I can let go of the notion that I am in control, then, no matter what my circumstances, I have plenty to share…(Read More)

The Greatest


“In every one of our moments we have opportunities to serve one another in thousands of little ways.  Such acts do not bring us glory or put us high on the list of Most Valuable Christians. But they are the bricks and mortar of the kingdom of heaven on earth…(Read More)

“The unique gifts of the heart we each can offer – the little things, like shiny pebbles from the beach – sometimes become bus tickets back to the world of worthiness from the bleak realm of despair…(Read More)

“…his Gospel is the one that introduces us to Elizabeth and Zechariah, gives us the Magnificat and the Bethlehem birth narrative, and shares the prophesies of Simeon and Anna…(Read More)

Wilderness Roads


“It’s a lovely synchronicity that Philip’s Feast Day falls on National Coming Out Day, an annual observance established thirty years ago by The Human Rights Campaign…(Read More)

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