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“We, too, can live from the place where, attuned to the present moment, we experience God.  “My spirit rejoices in God my Savior” is a good prayer to carry around as we go through our days.  Utter it often and see how it brings you into the Now…(Read More)

His respect for the person as vessel for the Holy shows in everything he says. “Listen with the ear of the heart,” he instructs. And, from his Rule, Chapter 53: “All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: I was a stranger and you welcomed me…(Read More)

“Serving at the food bank or homeless shelter is a great thing to do when feeling a bit depressed or unloved.  It gets us out of ourselves and gives us an experience of being of help in a very needy, divisive world…(Read More)



“My worries uncoiled like a spool of movie film and fell lifeless at my feet.  I wondered what had given them the power to flicker before my vision in an endless stream, generating a huge weight of useless emotion about what might happen if I didn’t shape up…(Read More)

“I am a very lucky gal.  I notice this every time I drive across town and see people at street corners begging.  It seems like someone with a cardboard sign has staked out every single place where cars stop to wait for traffic lights.  Me, I don’t have to beg. Not today, anyway…(Read More)

“But the very demons who drive you have another side. They alone can peer into the depths. The wounds that we breathe into – that we really allow to have their say – will guide us beyond social conventions and constraints to power a profound, authentic creativity and spiritual understanding…(Read More)

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