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Give to God What Is God’s

“What belongs to God is the blood and breath of all living creatures, Roman and Jewish alike — and all creation from the dust in the road to the galaxies in their courses. “

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The King and the Wedding

“In the language of the Soul the symbol of a wedding banquet is a very big deal. It is the celebration of a change of consciousness — a union of elements that were once completely out of relationship or actively in conflict.”

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God is God

“So I have been allowing myself to bring my aggrieved heart to God in age-old questioning that comes straight from the inner kid. “Where are you?” I ask.”

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Red Sea Crossings

“I have learned that my most authentic self will never be beyond God’s protective reach.  But, then, I have a different understanding of other people than I did when I was four.  I have learned that nobody is on the wrong side; God cherishes all and longs for each.”

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The Moment to Wake from Sleep

“Rather there’s a spiritual wakefulness that anchors us to a deeper belonging.  Having awakened I need to wake up again, from ordinary consciousness into an awareness of my union with God.  At this next level I feel the peace that passes understanding.  I am not any less passionate nor any less aware of my obligations.  But I realize that in duty and anguish I am doing what I was born to do, learning what I was created to learn.  God breathes the tainted air with me and helps me feel the greatest connection, the one that runs from God’s self through every single one of us.”

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Let Love be Genuine

“…Christ is right here beside me, in companionable solidarity.  Whatever happens to me as an individual, to my faith community, to my country, Christ is right here.  Love accompanies me.  Love accompanies me, and for that reason my hands can be busy in the activity of love.  Christ pours through me right along with genuine love.  In fact, perhaps they are one and the same.”

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Firing Up Our Gifts

“God created us each to be the person we are — with talents and passions that need to be used.  We are not what our family or culture dictates that we should be.  Instead we have a unique purpose, whispered to us from the depths of our own hearts, where Christ dwells.”

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Bigotry and Listening

“This level of listening is, for me, the sign of Jesus’ divinity.  Only God listens so well.  He allowed the Canaanite to speak to him and he listened to what she had to say.  He allowed himself to be astounded by it and to learn — and he made the change at lightning speed.”

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Risking the Authentic Response

“O Holy tamer of waves and wind, help us discern what you long for from us.  Get us out of the boat and out on the waves.  Help us remember to reach out to you.  Lord, save us.”

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Spiritual Transformation and Feeding Five Thousand

“This is a spiritual transformation.  It’s a reorienting of life that places the welfare of our neighbors and of the planet as our foremost, our primary concerns,  But more than that, it’s a complete change in where we look for the meeting of our needs.  We count on God’s provision rather than our own.  We are not fed by ‘Caesar,’ we are fed by Christ.”

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