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What Must I Do?


“Christ’s relationship with us, his followers, is a love story.  His is self-sacrificing love of the most profound sort. He puts himself on the line again and again, hoping to hear a “yes” from us when he poses the life-giving choices…(Read More)

Divine Things


“He will conquer death by suffering it all the way through to the end and beyond.  We can do this also… ‘Take up your cross,’ he says, ‘and follow me…(Read More)

Feeding People


“This reminds me of Jesus telling his disciples, ‘You give them something to eat.’ It’s easy for everyone to pitch in and share in an environment where all gifts are appreciated…(Read More)

Courageous Vision


“Rarely do we go out two by two any more. And yet each member of a parish is part of the Body of Christ, the heart and the feet of Jesus…(Read More)

“Inspired by a vision, he learned the rhythm of work and prayer.  Over many years he faced his demons, discovered how to befriend his shadow, and became versed in true humility and authentic love…(Read More)

First, sit down


But the first step is to get them to sit down. In order to receive what they need, they must stop and settle. They must still their anxious feet and pounding hearts and take a breath. Only then do they become open to get what Jesus has to give them…(Read More)

In the Beginning


“Like the descriptions of the redwoods cannot substitute for actually being in the old growth forest, so the stories of Jesus cannot stand in for a relationship with him…(Read More)

Let’s Be Still


“Spotting Love becoming manifest in the mid-winter world feels a little like that.  It takes being still for a long time in order to see Christ emerge into the dark stillness…(Read More)

The Small Miracles


“We can be fully present in all our glorious, horrible, loving, disgusting, terrifying, beautiful, regrettable, magnificent, pain-filled, transformative moments because we have absolutely nothing to fear…(Read More)

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