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Vessels of Love


“As I wipe off the chalice and drape it with a purificator I reflect that I am not a very shiny vessel.  And yet God has chosen to abide in my heart…(Read More)

“He will have to be dealt with, though, or he’ll be back.  If his followers cannot be convinced he’s a charlatan, you will have to wait for a time when he is not protected by them.  Doesn’t he go off alone sometimes to “pray”? Well, then, maybe you can recruit a spy…(Read More)

“In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus forecasts that many of his listeners will die in their sins, for they are not hearing the “I Am” of his presence among us.  They are not seeing in him the incarnation of God. They will look for him and not be able to find him…(Read More)

“This is a common thread through the Gospels: no one can serve two masters, so we need to figure out who and what is most important to us.  We need to count up the cost of discipleship and either commit all the way or do something else with our lives…(Read More)

“The incarnation of God, God’s self, he helps us to see beyond the limits of human understanding even when we cannot bear to think of hope and love.  He points us to the next thing we are called to do – and then the next after that – all the while showing us that he…(Read More)

“John points out this man, Jesus, who is not much to look at, but who has a strange draw.  What does he look like? Who is with him? What do you hear, smell and taste? Here is the Lamb of God…(Read More)

What Must I Do?


“Christ’s relationship with us, his followers, is a love story.  His is self-sacrificing love of the most profound sort. He puts himself on the line again and again, hoping to hear a “yes” from us when he poses the life-giving choices…(Read More)

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