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“…his Gospel is the one that introduces us to Elizabeth and Zechariah, gives us the Magnificat and the Bethlehem birth narrative, and shares the prophesies of Simeon and Anna…(Read More)

Wilderness Roads


“It’s a lovely synchronicity that Philip’s Feast Day falls on National Coming Out Day, an annual observance established thirty years ago by The Human Rights Campaign…(Read More)

To Whom Do We Belong?


“Jesus is calling his community to go beyond their understanding of themselves, of him, and of God.  He wants them to do this for the good of the world…(Read More)

At the Threshold


“There’s something very magical about the liminal times of day – dawn and twilight.  They are not quite one thing or the other, neither day or night…(Read More)

Resurrection and Life


John 1:17-29   Today’s segment of the story of the raising of Lazarus is an exchange between Jesus and Martha.  “If you had been here my brother would not have died,” she says to him. “But even now I know that God will give you whatever you ask of him.”   Jesus…(Read More)

John McCain


“As [Jesus] teaches in the temple, people are recognizing him as something special – guessing that he might be the Messiah. This is very threatening to those in power.  Not only does it challenge their authority, it forces them to look at who they are, what choices they have made to get where they are,…(Read More)



“It’s as if really seeing Jesus in his totality is all that is necessary to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven…(Read More)

Living Water


“The discipline of prayer will not seem to meet the yearning of the heart in the same way that falling in love seems to.  But over time the one praying will learn that it is the more true, more satisfying answer…(Read More)

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