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Ascension Day


“We are truly immortal beings, wed in our very essence to the living God, who is love. And so it is only through loving – constantly, extravagantly, and unexpectedly – that we express our true natures…(Read More)



“We have to be willing to look at things from the other person’s point of view, and we have to be willing to stretch into reconciliation even in those instances when we don’t think we did anything wrong…(Read More)

Jesus builds it of the elements of the table fellowship of the Passover Feast.  He takes two and transforms them, constructing a shell infused with his very being.  “This is my body,” he says, passing around a loaf of bread he has blessed.  Then he passes them a cup of wine, and all of them…(Read More)

This youngster was, after all, a devout fellow.  He was someone who would not have been able to simply forget what Jesus had said to him.  He would have wondered . . . doubted . . . questioned.  Over time eternal life might have grown more attractive and his riches less so.  One way or…(Read More)

Some Cross


For me, taking up the cross is not one huge, single, life-altering event.  It is thousands of little choices that I make or fail to make every single day…(Read More)

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