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“I feel myself relax as I listen to the voices. I know singing is good for you, I know community is good for you, but in that moment of voices rising as women, I feel more powerfully this goodness…(Read More)

I like that thought too: that even though I can’t really see Jesus or touch him or talk to him, I know he’s still here. I feel his love in worship. I experience his goodness through loving my neighbors. I taste and touch his grace in bread and wine…(Read More)

“Advent invites us to sit in these waiting periods and trust that something bigger is happening. Advent says to us: I see you. I see your desires. I see your work. But rest and wait. Someone is preparing the way for you…(Read More)

“It’s about showing up to the day eager to see what’s in store. Advent is about patiently waiting for God to burst into our lives over and over again…(Read More)

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