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“I think that’s a cue we can take from children – the cue to invite others to join us. To come and see. It’s always a joy to see friends invite friends and to share their enthusiasm. God’s story of love and grace for us and the world is one to be told…(Read More)

“Now it’s August and we’ve picked an abundance of cherry tomatoes from the volunteer plant. We’ve delighted in the sun-ripened tomatoes and given thanks for their bounty, not from the work of our hands, but from the work that happens when we open our eyes to God’s abundance in our…(Read More)

“At your baptism God claimed you as a child of God. Forever loved and forever claimed. So what do you say we take time now to remember that call and the name God has given to each of us…(Read More)

“Together, the plants strengthen and protect one another. They are waiting together, reaching for the sun. The red, yellow, and orange colors reveal such beauty, offering seeds and new life with every touch of the wind. The light shining down touches them all…(Read More)

“Wherever we go, be with us, Lord. Open our eyes to the beauty of your creation, teach us to marvel at the cricket’s nighttime music, and the hummingbird’s beating wings. In airports, along state highways, or high above the clouds, may our response be words of awe and praise: How marvelous is your…(Read More)

“It’s an important reminder that going to church is meant to be joyful and lifegiving. It’s meant to be a place to go to let go of the rush and stress of the days. It’s a place to meet friends and be in community. It’s a place to rest at the…(Read More)

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