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“It’s an important reminder that going to church is meant to be joyful and lifegiving. It’s meant to be a place to go to let go of the rush and stress of the days. It’s a place to meet friends and be in community. It’s a place to rest at the…(Read More)

“In the company of others we flourish and grow best, learning from others, delighting in shared laughter and joy, and holding one another through the sadness and grief of life…(Read More)

“This is what it means to be a part of a community of faith. Coming together in joy and in sorrow. Celebrating and grieving. Keeping vigil. Bearing Christ’s light. Showing each other that we’re not alone…(Read More)

“She runs down the hallway and bursts into rooms. Her younger brother always trailing behind her happy to be by her side. They make up their own rules running back and forth and counting to ten every few minutes…(Read More)

“In this season of letting go and holding on, remember the love of God. The God who formed you and counts the hairs on your head, the God who dwells in you, whose Spirit gives you strength and courage. The God who calls you a beloved child…(Read More)

“Whether walking our dog and greeting others out for walks or runs, or sitting in our front yard waving to passing cars, the spring allows us to come reunite with those we find in our communities. These warm days are teaching my children once again the beauty of a wave and simple hello…(Read More)

“Rest feels so countercultural when everything else seems to tell us to get more and do more and be more. Our schedules fill up in the blink of an eye and vacations get pushed off to someday…(Read More)

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