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Power Failure


It is tempting when in proximity to power to become wrapped up in it, to see that power as the only way to achieve one’s ends and to accept the idea that to have access to that power one must curry favor…(Read More)

Roots of Faith


It is an easy thing look back at moments in history and say ‘I would never have done that.’ I would never have: owned people as slaves, driven indigenous people from their land, paid unfair wages, watched as neighbors were loaded in to trains to death camps, bought land and possessions dirt cheap from people…(Read More)

I think that on-going choice to confront suffering, to call it out and say that not all suffering is inevitable, some is a product of our social structures is what is meant when 1 Peter talks about it being better to suffer for doing good…(Read More)



It is the ‘Blessed is…takes no offense’ structure of the verse that perplexes me. I am blessed if I take no offense in what Jesus says and does…(Read More)

I’ve written before about the importance of imperfection. Lately I’ve been thinking about it more and more. Tonight I was watching a video on how to knit a fair-isle sweater by a woman who has been knitting longer than she could read, her mothers and grandmothers all knitted. It was how they…(Read More)

Now and Next


I’ve always been a planner and organizer (of space and time), so it is difficult for me to see any downside to planning ahead. That said, there are definite downsides to getting locked in to a vision of how life will go…(Read More)

Sometimes it is easy to assume that because someone is a stay-at-home or because they can’t do as much as they used to, that somehow they are completely useless…(Read More)

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