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“I realized that the furious energy I put into sewing on that day was an outlet for the stress and worry. It was a powerful realization that I could take the fizzing, negative energy of worry, stress, and anxiety and turn it into something positive and useful (pants, in my case…(Read More)

“Ritual actions such as lighting candles, processing with the cross, bowing, kneeling, crossing oneself, receiving the ashes, and taking communion are all ways to make a physical connection with the deep and vast mysteries of God…(Read More)

Walking the Walk


“As an adult I realized that the ritual of confession does more than wipe my slate clean for the week. It, and the entire communion service, serve to remind us of the things Jesus asks us to do in our daily life…(Read More)



“This year I am facing a change in that fundamental part of my life. Mom died back in April and even then, I wondered what the holiday season would be like without her…(Read More)

“Unlike many of the psalms that ask God for deliverance, or that call down punishments down upon the wicked, this psalm continuously pleads for the strength to resist wickedness in its many and varied forms…(Read More)

Active Waiting


“Having a focus that was outside of myself filled the waiting minutes but didn’t distract me from the moment that I was needed to take action…(Read More)

“The road can’t keep me from having an accident or doing something ill-advised, but it will not vanish from underneath me just because my headlights are no longer on it…(Read More)

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