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Earlier this week, the Bishop of the Diocese of West Texas, David M. Reed, released a letter detailing several immigration initiatives that are ongoing in the diocese.  The Diocese of West Texas is the southernmost diocese in the state and includes the cities of San Antonio, Brownsville, and Corpus Christi.  The diocese borders Mexico to…(Read More)

Although this move is a shocking policy reversal in the eyes of many, the reversal does not officially change the LDS Church’s stance or teaching against same-sex marriage. Rather, this change in policy simply offers a venue for the inclusion of children and youth who would have otherwise been excluded until legal adulthood…(Read More)

Book Review: Holy Grounds


We review Tim Schenck’s “Holy Grounds: The Surprising Connection between Coffee and Faith—From Dancing Goats to Satan’s Drink…(Read More)

“People live such precarious lives already and there’s very little safety net so when something like this happens, the level of destruction is so much worse than it is for us here.  People are living on the edge.  Five days later, people are still living on rooftops waiting to be rescued,” stated the Rt…(Read More)

“I served as ecumenical officer of the Episcopal Church and have been to a number of General Conferences. I’ve told Episcopal Church colleagues that what was coming in the United Methodist Church would make the conflict the Episcopal Church had over Gene Robinson look like the Council of Nicaea by comparison. I knew it…(Read More)

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth shared the following statement on their website this past week: On Friday, February 8, 2019, the Texas Supreme Court said it would like to consider briefing on the merits before deciding whether to take up the breakaways parties’ petition for review of the Fort Worth Court of Appeals April…(Read More)

The Bishop and Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine released a statement today regarding a complaint against one of the nominees for Bishop, the Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee, who currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Ecclesiastical Officer of The Church Pension Group.  Although the complaint was investigated and dismissed, the person…(Read More)

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