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The effect is to send the case back to the Texas courts. It’s not over. The Associated Press : WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has turned away a pair of appeals from the national Episcopal Church in a dispute over church property claimed by a breakaway sect in Texas. The justices on Monday let stand…(Read More)

Bishops United Against Gun Violence, an ad hoc group of almost 60 Episcopal bishops, released a briefing paper that “seeks to shed light on new findings indicating that the vast majority of Americans today, including gun owners, support universal background checks prior to all gun sales…(Read More)

Some folks don’t want kids reading reality-based portrayals of poverty and class: More worrying, however, is the recent rise in efforts to get books banned that cover poverty and social class. At a time when rising inequality and the demonisation of poorer people (both in the UK and the US) is commonplace, such…(Read More)

The 2013 statistical totals for the Episcopal Church are now posted at the Research and Statistics site and the General Convention site. The table, Episcopal Domestic Fast Facts Trends: 2009-2013 shows a -2.6% change 2012-2013 in average Sunday attendance (ASA), little different from the -2.7% change 2011-2012. Median ASA across…(Read More)

Speculation that the next Lambeth Conference would be cancelled has driven Canterbury to reiterate the status quo: Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has responded to inaccurate media reports that the Lambeth Conference had been cancelled by saying, “As it hasn’t been called, it can’t have been cancelled”. … “When I was installed in Canterbury…(Read More)

Pew Social Trends reports a record share of adult Americans have ever married as values, economics and gender patterns change. In 1960 1 in 10 adults had never married. Today that figure is 1 in 5. Americans polled were divided over the value of marriage to society. Fifty percent said “society is just as well…(Read More)

The same day the Taskforce for Reimagining The Episcopal Church (TREC) issued its “Letter to the Church,” the Diocese of Virginia issued “A Letter from the Bishop: Important Updates on Annual Council.” What changes has your diocese made to its annual convention? Were the innovations successful…(Read More)