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In some groups, today’s 80-year-olds are less sexist than today’s 30-year-olds (e.g., black protestant and Jewish). But in others the pattern is perhaps in line with our intuition: the older generations are more sexist, or little different from younger generations…(Read More)

Her fellow Episcopalians have mixed feelings about Cook. There is anger over her crimes and a feeling that she was an embarrassment. She’s also forced the denomination to rethink its often cozy relationship with alcohol that caused some members to call themselves “Whiskeypalians…(Read More)

As the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Hong Kong ended, the Gafcon Primates Council issued a communique at the close of their rival gathering. In it they announced, “we have decided to call together a meeting of bishops of the Anglican Communion in June of 2020…(Read More)

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