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The Church of England has committed herself to what our Archbishops have called radical new Christian inclusion, and has publicly stated that we are against all forms of homophobia.  If we mean this, and I believe we do, then we need to find appropriate ways of welcoming and affirming LGBTI people who want their love…(Read More)

The bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes, told the Guardian some religious leaders of “colluding with a system that marginalises the poor.” He told the Guardian, … “self-styled evangelicals” risked bringing the word evangelical into disrepute, and added there was no justification for Christians contradicting God’s teaching to protect the poor and the weak. “Some…(Read More)

With diocesan membership numbers in decline over the past half-century, the [Episcopal Diocese of Maryland] has closed a net 34 churches from its mid-1960s peak and merged five more, leaving a total of about 100. Another is teetering financially after the loss of a major donor…(Read More)

Since the shooting at Emanuel A.M.E., several Episcopal churches have made national news over their internal struggle with the presence of Confederate symbols on church property. The latest (perhaps?), Christ Church Cathedral in Cincinnati, is not in a former slave state. Slavery was abolished in Ohio’s original 1802 constitution. The AP reports…(Read More)

The suit involves a claim of false advertising under the federal Lanham Act. … Bishop Charles vonRosenberg was the only bishop recognized by The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion as bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina. By continuing to represent himself as bishop of the diocese, Mark Lawrence is committing false advertising, the…(Read More)

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