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Opinion: Welcome one another


In this letter-to-the-editor, Zealy Helms responds to the news from Albany and Bishop Loves directive on marriage equality there, holding that there should be no barriers to our loving response to the world…(Read More)

Look, Jesus says. Look at that woman. See her situation, see who she is. Don’t just see what she is doing; see what is being done to her. She is being exploited by the injustice of an economy which takes everything from her and gives nothing back. But do you notice how, instead of…(Read More)

How we take care and accept each other is the real stewardship that will grow our church communities.  There are funerals every day on this planet and yet, the one funeral we all need to attend we don’t.  We need to bury yesterday and let the “status quo” rest in peace…(Read More)

Area man clutches pearls


The Living Church recently published a piece bemoaning the emergence of episcopal elections where all the candidates were women. In this satirical response, Priest, podcaster, and author Jordan Haynie Ware imagines the thought process of a sympathizer with that article’s premise…(Read More)

Anti Antisemitism


There is only so far that words can take us in exploring the mystery of the world’s suffering. Our truest and best response to the shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue is not to explain its theological implications but to work to ensure such shootings never happen again…(Read More)

Seeing our lives in scripture


Reading the scriptures can be an event of grace. We read them as stories that tell us, yes, what happened then, but they are also lessons for what is happening now. They hold the forever truths we encounter in our lives every day…(Read More)

Central American bishops, representing three provinces, have called for “solidarity” from the Anglican Communion as a caravan of migrants makes its way through the region from El Salvador to the US in response to violent and racist rhetoric from the US President…(Read More)

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