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Bishop Michael Curry’s Royal Wedding Sermon is why I take my kids to church. That vision of the “church” of radical love and inclusion – it’s why I sometimes arrive home late after attending church meetings and kiss my sleeping kids goodnight…(Read More)

I want the chance to repent, to turn, and I hope that I will hold out that possibility to other people in my life. In Reconciliation we are also asked “Do you, then, forgive those who have sinned against you?” And I mean it when I say “I forgive them…(Read More)

In 70% of school shootings, the gun comes from the home. On average 8 children are shot every day due to improperly stored guns at home. Grace Cathedral is leading a new initiative that ALL Episcopalians – ALL Americans even – can get behind, whatever their views of the second amendment and the right to…(Read More)

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