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After the joy of marching with thousands of beautiful fellow citizens in the streets of Seattle, I felt myself being awakened from the deadly illusion of inevitability. I began to let myself hope again. The kids are leading the way out of the Slough of Despond. How can we not follow…(Read More)

The vast majority of the Chaplains come out of a non-sacramental tradition; in direct contrast to the religious affiliation of the troops, which tend to be members of mainstream faiths, the most extensive group being Catholic. I find this lack of sacramental priests for my son and all the other men and women serving…(Read More)

People across the country will be turning out today for an end to gun violence. Here’s a list of events where you can join with other Episcopalians to “MarchForOurLives…(Read More)

‘Let peace begin with me,’ the song proclaims. It can occur in a classroom. For that matter, it can occur in a supermarket, or in a post office; it occurs anywhere that kindness prevails over anger and rush…(Read More)

Emotional labor” has gone viral recently – the unpaid management of feelings (their own or others) required of those who work in service industries. Confusingly, in the popularization of the phrase, the distinction has gotten lost about what is actually “emotional labor” and what are other kinds of labor we simply have feelings about…(Read More)

I wished fervently that I could believe he is off fighting for freedom, for justice, to create peace. But I do believe, as Bob Dylan phrased it, that he is “a pawn in their game.” As most of us do, I watch the powers that be right now, the oligarchy, and how they twist reality…(Read More)

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