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“I am terribly shocked and deeply saddened by the barbarous acts of violence brought on innocent worshippers at Easter Sunday services”, Bishop Dhiloraj said in a statement. “The Church of Ceylon unreservedly condemns these cowardly and cruel acts of terrorism and conveys our deep condolences to the families and friends of those who have lost…(Read More)

In mourning


Years ago when a loved one died, those left behind wore dark somber clothes as an outward and visible sign of their grief. Anyone they interacted with knew instantly that here was a person who was grieving. Here was a person who needed/wanted to be handled with extra kindness. Here was a person that…(Read More)

The concepts of Christian vocation and callings are experiencing a resurgence of attention as a way to honor the important roles of our lives. Others have written inspirational things about valuing and following our callings. What I have not heard is the admission that as with any role that wields power, there are dangers…(Read More)

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