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Stand up!


should we sit,head in our hands, rehearsing a concerned and compassionate shampoo, and hope for the best?  It is no longer enough. Not any more…(Read More)

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“Some of these veggies are probably more familiar to the Hmong or African-American gardening interns, but learning to cook them is a small realignment of my attention towards my neighbors and their families. It is a reminder that what I like is not normative for being a Minnesotan or American, wringing that prized individualism…(Read More)

“I like to imagine that Dominic’s evangelism was not of the badgering sort, that he was not confrontational but curious. I like to imagine that he listened deeply to the Cather innkeeper, that he found places where there was a connection, maybe even an agreement about something, some common ground, perhaps in their commitment…(Read More)

Once upon a time there was a squirrel named Bushy. He was a fine little squirrel, but as he grew older everyone began to notice a change in him. All he cared about was gathering nuts. Every day you could hear his voice ringing through the forest: “Gotta get more nuts! Gotta get more nuts…(Read More)

“When you look around your church on Sunday morning, look for the Josephs. They’re the less obvious saints, but I think you know who they are. Say a prayer of thanks for them, and for their particular flavor of witness…(Read More)

“So here we are, nearly 2000 years later, in an era when fiery temperaments are rampant, when the desire to contain and limit God’s love in small self serving ways is prevalent, when humankind longs to hang on to the notion that some deserve, are in fact entitled, to be held up higher, more…(Read More)

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