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We prayed because prayer is what had been asked of us. We met with mission partners –people engaged in relief work with thousands of asylum-seekers each week – and when we asked them what we could do, their first response was almost always, “please pray for us…(Read More)

Merry Christmas!


From all of us here at the Episcopal Cafè, we wish you and all who are dear to you every blessing of this season…(Read More)

The Nippon Sei Ko Kai (NSKK) – the Anglican Communion in Japan – is to host an International Forum for a Nuclear-Free World. The forum will be held in Sendai, with field-work in Fukushima – scene of the March 2011 earthqauke-induced nuclear disaster…(Read More)

I believe these travelers who arrive carrying only small bundles of meager possessions, their children clinging to hems and sleeves for safety, are not feared because they are a threat to our sovereignty and security. Instead, I believe, too many people fear the caravans and the sojourners because they are forced to confront the consequences…(Read More)

Eat this Bible


In this review we tease out the conversation between Rachel Held Evans’ Inspired and Eugene Peterson’s Eat This Book…(Read More)

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