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The Conference meets very four years to vote on proposals that concern the entire church. Emily McFarlan Miller, writing for Religion News Service, lists six proposals that have generated interest from within and without the church. Issues include human sexuality–more than 100 petitions on that topic alone–gun violence, immigration, abortion, religious freedom, and…(Read More)

Honoring a 150-year connection, the Episcopal Church has welcomed the Orthodox Serbian congregation into St. George’s Episcopal Church, the New York Times reports. Other good news includes the sound condition of the St. Sava Cathedral, which the church plans to rebuild. From the article: Lidija Nikolic, a board member, said that despite the…(Read More)

The international community was quick to respond in 2010 following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, but the worsening cholera epidemic has received less attention and resources for a variety of reasons. Nearly 10,000 people have died, less than 10% of the estimated mortality of the earthquake, but the disease continues to spread, and interventions…(Read More)

The new pop culture term, “Voluntourism”, is a portmanteau coined to describe the earnest but ineffectual approach many take to volunteering in foreign nations. Two women who identify as former ‘white saviors’started an Instagram account, Barbie Savior, to lampoon and bring attention to the problems Americans create when we try to insert ourselves into…(Read More)

Episcopal News Service reports that the Anglican Consultative Council passed 44 resolutions in a new up-down voting session, dubbed the ‘consent calendar’. The consent calendar allows for quick yes-no votes on issues, without debate. Passed resolutions encompassed a wide diversity of issues, from climate change to church abuse of minors, but had a…(Read More)

Writing for the Diplomat, Dave Hazzan notes that Christianity, persecuted for 75 years, has flourished in Korea, which now sends out the most missionaries of any nation, except for the United States. The article explores this rise and tries to sort out the particulars and the reasons behind these developments. One factor in the rise…(Read More)

This tiny city of some 2,000 is overwhelmingly white and Christian, and home to a group of young women who sued their school district for the right to display banners bearing Bible quotes, while serving as cheerleaders for their high school team. The case was brought in 2012, after the school district banned the…(Read More)

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