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“The big question is did Jesus know his role in Salvation history from his Incarnate birth, or did he also have to pray, discern, struggle as do the rest of us, sharing his human experience with us, as we struggle trying to hear the Holy Spirit…(Read More)

Every Jew knew, as Jesus knew, that the fulfillment of God the Father’s plan, the one that would put an end to the back and forth history of faith, apostasy, punishment, metanoia by the people of Israel, and reestablishment in God’s favor, was the coming of the Messiah, the bringer of forgiveness and…(Read More)

“So, yes, the wedding feast has meaning. It was the place where Jesus first acted, not in the Temple courtyard or in the synagogue, but in a home filled with joyous people, people celebrating a new family and the promise of children and a life to come…(Read More)

A New Start


“We have a better chance of being disciplined and succeeding if we are doing it to stay healthy and balanced for our God and the mission of the Kingdom on earth. And for living our lives more intentionally as Jesus taught us in Scripture…(Read More)

Christmas Eve


“The waiting is almost over. Christ will be born again, and again, and again, until his coming to cleanse the whole world of sorrow and tragedy…(Read More)

“But we are in Advent, the time of waiting, expecting, the time of contemplation and meditation and prayer. What we can learn from this reading is that prayer is not empty or useless. It is the dynamic communication we have with our God. And we are his…(Read More)

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