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Lent, if followed devoutly, opens us all up to a lot of places where we probably would rather not have looked. And those places are where demons dwell, or where demons can find the food of discontent, uneasiness, regret, even despair, and move in with their demonic friends…(Read More)

What counts is that he says to her in her language, Aramaic, “Get up.” And she does. And then he instructs the happily hysterical family to do something useful. “Get her something to eat.” Yes, the Bread of Life is saying stop hanging on me and get her a bowl of soup…(Read More)

Yes, Peter, you see that I am the Christ/Messiah, but you don’t understand what that means. It doesn’t mean turn away from a hard choice, even death on the Cross, if it is my Father’s will…(Read More)

Many years ago, in a small Episcopal mission church, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with pancakes, fresh deep fried donuts, games, and general silliness, until about a minute before midnight. The Vicar stood up, and we all got quiet. “The Lord be with you.” And we prayed. We got very silent, until someone, probably one of…(Read More)

February 2 is a busy day, a major feast of the church, although not always celebrated. The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. The Purification of Mary. Candlemas…(Read More)

We have seen great strides in Ecumenical reconciliation. More and more bits and pieces are recognizing each other’s sacramental theology and liturgical forms. More important, we are standing together for human rights, for the protection of the Earth, and against injustice toward people of other beliefs or customs…(Read More)

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