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“And if we pray, really pray in thanksgiving, gratitude, and in humble petition for the good of the world, the Holy Spirit will sustain us, open our mouths, and maybe the Gospel will come pouring out, the way Jesus instructed when he sent disciples into the world…(Read More)

“In The Spirit of Love Law says, ‘Thus the mystery of our redemption proclaims nothing but a God of love toward fallen man. It was the love of God that could not behold the misery of fallen man without demanding and calling for his salvations.’  That same love that overshadowed Mary, the Theotokos…(Read More)

Both the lectionary readings and the Daily Office readings for Holy Week tell again and again how Christ Jesus was seen after the Crucifixion. The women at the empty tomb. The skeptical eleven. The disciples fleeing to Emmaus. But the one that touches me the most is in the Gospel of John (20:1-18…(Read More)

We are in it now, the last race, the last heartbreaking mile. Yesterday we walked with our Lord as he entered Jerusalem’s Eastern Gate astride a colt, like a king, the ground strewn with cloaks and branches. He rides a donkey, not a warhorse. A sign of peace? Of poverty? And why riding at…(Read More)

Lent, if followed devoutly, opens us all up to a lot of places where we probably would rather not have looked. And those places are where demons dwell, or where demons can find the food of discontent, uneasiness, regret, even despair, and move in with their demonic friends…(Read More)

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