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“We need our temples, and we need our priests and pastors, our teachers, our mentors, our scholars. But we need them to guide prayer, not own it. We need our faith communities and our personal practice of our faith to be ever reminded that God is with us, loves us, and will grant us whatever…(Read More)

In the Quarry

“We can be the worst of the stumbling blocks. And if you doubt that, I give you the so call Christian Nationalist movement. Or the harshness of biblical literalist. But even in a less extreme case, in our everyday ministry with our own parish family, we can be petty, judgmental, cruel, forgetting that God is…(Read More)

“What those friends of Jesus saw and heard on the mountain when Jesus transfigured was their future selves holding the spark of the Spirit, becoming the temple. That is what we bring to our physical houses and churches to make these places holy. We are the temple…(Read More)

“What was it Jesus said? That the healthy don’t need a doctor (Mk 2:17). So the sick come in our doors, and we live with them. And heal them to the extent we can, and to the extent we can’t we tolerate and try to love them. We may be the best…(Read More)

“When he raises her up, he is giving her life, the same life breathed into all Creation. When she rises and serves them, this is more than the current understanding of the diaconal role. She is acting in the priestly role of taking the elements of the world and offering them in gratitude back to…(Read More)

“Joseph is us, perhaps a whole lot richer than most of us, but still us. And he does what he has to in order to honor the body of his beloved, if sometimes perplexing, teacher according to the rituals of his people.  And he takes a big risk with the Roman authority and his own…(Read More)

“We live in a world of complex people in various stages of self-recognition before God, with all the sins of ego and envy and grasping for power that fight with the fruits of the Spirit within us. That’s the sad truth. Are we swimming in the current, the words of Jesus guiding us…(Read More)

“The early Church had little to go on except the letters of Paul and the memory of the Apostles and first disciples, and the practice of the Eucharist and Baptism by water and the Holy Spirit. For that first Church it probably didn’t matter so much how they saw the Incarnate One. They worshiped…(Read More)

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