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A Good Death


“Each of these sins – loss of faith, loss of hope, loss of patience, loss of humility (pride), and loss of serenity (avarice) – are pitfalls in our living, as well as our dying…(Read More)

“The transfiguration is a pivotal miracle. Jesus the man, up the mountain with his disciples and friends, is seen in his Glory as a creature of pure energy, of Light, a blinding reflection of God his Father. That is the glory that we aspire to when we pray, follow, obey, confess, and live out our…(Read More)

“I claim that what Jesus taught was not political, although it clearly crossed the political lines of the day, as it does today. He was focused on a life of faith, of obedience, of love…(Read More)

“Jesus is not only vandalizing, yes, vandalizing the Temple court, and bringing himself to the attention of the Temple authorities as his time draws near, but making it quite clear that he, as Christ/Messiah, is a new way, one that doesn’t require doves and lambs to be killed on God’s altar. He…(Read More)

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