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“And we begin again.  Year One for Daily Office, Eucharistic Lectionary C. And the external and internal fight between our reality and the secular world’s reality. Out there it is already Christmas, and two weeks before the Nativity of our Lord, they think they are counting the Twelve Days of Christmas…(Read More)

The Good Teacher


“Jesus is our true Teacher. We know that Jesus teaches us the commandments of the new covenant, in him, and through the Cross. But perhaps we sometimes overlook what a good teacher he was and is…(Read More)

The Dinner Party


“Jesus is teasing, teaching the lessons of the Torah, to welcome the stranger, to feed the poor, be merciful to the disenfranchised, those who sit at the end of the table, if they are invited at all…(Read More)

“One thing about the entire twelfth chapter of Luke is that it is transparent. Jesus says what he means without any of the twisted logic and challenges to understanding…(Read More)

“Jesus was a rebel. That is that lens through which much modern theology has been based, especially the Liberation Theology that came out of Central America, and geo-political theology which situates the Gospels in their own time and society…(Read More)

“Nobody ever said the Way was easy or risk free. And nobody ever said that Jesus’ words were easy to understand without prayer and spirit driven discernment…(Read More)

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