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At the height of the firing, the fire will reach 10 feet into the air and will burst 5 inches out the sides of the kiln in any cracks.  It is violent.  It is primordial.  It is frightening to watch. Dangerous to handle. It is the process. Violence and then, beauty and usefulness…(Read More)



We call God by the sounds of a breath because of the mystery and gratitude humans have had for breath. One need not live too long before figuring out that without breath life ends.  Even Christians call the Holy Spirit “The Breath (or wind) of God…(Read More)



The people who love us, like the God who loves us, are our water, our sunlight and our soil. Plenty in our lives will die; and those deaths, large and small, will fertilize the earth in which we are planted; giving our roots a foothold in flood and wind…(Read More)



As I age, I am beginning to realize that all I need to do is to take the next step.  What makes it the “right” next step?  It is the next one.  The one that is available to me.  The one which the cosmos seems to have placed below my foot just before it landed…(Read More)

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