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The moments of our days are not unlike the stones of the planet.  Some are beautiful and translucent.  Some are smooth while others need their sharp edges in order to catch the light.  Some have a quiet mystery and others convey colors every bit as vibrant as the flowers of a garden…(Read More)



These days, as I age and slow down a bit, I am finding myself less and less inclined to rush past precious things in search of many or impressive or self-anesthetizing things…(Read More)

This one…


Though I have many friends, I find it helpful to celebrate them one at a time when I pray.  This one friend.  This one shell.  This one meditation moment.  This one day of life…(Read More)

Our legacy


We humans like to leave a mark behind which says: “I was here.” We wonder what will be left behind when we die?  Was it good people raised, big churches built, good sermons written, good art in homes or galleries or good memories of people who loved us and occasionally tell stories including or even…(Read More)

I ascend my little ladder in the morning before sunrise.  Going up is easy, as it was, I expect, in the Transfiguration story.  But coming down…that is harder (as it was in the Transfiguration story also, I expect…(Read More)

Letting Go


I clutter my home with love.  Well, things really.  But they are icons of love – hard to let go of and yet…it is time to simplify.  It is time “to small” my life.  Small should be a verb…(Read More)

At the height of the firing, the fire will reach 10 feet into the air and will burst 5 inches out the sides of the kiln in any cracks.  It is violent.  It is primordial.  It is frightening to watch. Dangerous to handle. It is the process. Violence and then, beauty and usefulness…(Read More)



We call God by the sounds of a breath because of the mystery and gratitude humans have had for breath. One need not live too long before figuring out that without breath life ends.  Even Christians call the Holy Spirit “The Breath (or wind) of God…(Read More)

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