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From the Daily Sip: Flinching


It feels like we humans have a spiritual spot which is like the dog’s paw or the human foot…sensitive, tender, easily triggered because of so many alert-nerve-endings.  We have, inside us, a spot which humans and God can “touch” that triggers us…(Read More)

When I bit into this Orange, I could feel the juice – drink it.  I could feel the chill.  I could catch some sweet and some tart even.  A miracle. The color – orange and pink with a white-orange halo – Holy, Holy, Holy…(Read More)

From the Daily Sip: Essentials


But what I am learning is that discernment is only part of the work.  And in a way, it is the easiest part.  The hardest part, especially in our society, is the “no…(Read More)

Your donors have many compelling voices asking them for limited resources. But really, one person, speaking to another person about a project which is essential to the beauty or wellness of the planet is all that is needed for a major gift donor to say “yes…(Read More)

I look away because I have a story in my head that this person, experiencing homelessness, has failed.  I hold a story in my head like some great library in my body – old, elegant, dusty, silent, and full of secrets and lots and lots of lies…(Read More)

Allowing our congregation or diocese to come together to express their hopes and dreams for the church mission and life before being asked to fund it inspires us to be vulnerable, to share openly, and to persevere together during times of hardship; whereas not gathering to express our longings openly together early keeps us small…(Read More)

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