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By the Revd Br Tobias Stanislas Haller, BSG. The video is a set of Stations of the Cross that Tobias created for his parish in 2014. The music for meditating is a Symphonic poem that Tobias wrote in 1982. The music is based on traditional music of the Passion and ends with a chorale that…(Read More)

We have perhaps all seen the most vocal situations of businesses not wanting to serve LGBTQ folks. The legal argument is, that any business owner with a firmly held religious belief, should be allowed to refuse service to LGBTQ folks, if serving them would violate the business owner’s belief. The conservative law firms that…(Read More)

The conservative research and polling group, Barna, have encountered a separate group of folks in the US who do not attend church. There is a group out there in the US who have religious beliefs and aren’t affiliating with churches. They believe in God and practice their faith on their own, apart from the…(Read More)

Last year, we asked young artists across the US to create a doodle about what they see for the future. Congratulations to Sarah Harrison from Connecticut in the 10th – 12th grade group on being named the National Finalist of the 2016-17 Doodle 4 Google Contest for her doodle “A Peaceful Future…(Read More)

Most of my life I heard about the 10%. Ten percent of any given population, in any culture, were likely a sexual minority. They fell somewhere on the Kinsey scale of human sexuality other than 100% heterosexual. It has been a real shock at how quickly things have changed in the US regarding LGBTQ acceptance…(Read More)

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