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A group of bishops from across the Communion, led by Bishop George Sumner of Dallas, today published a letter in which they express their hopes for next year’s Lambeth Conference. This letter is but the latest development in the run-up to the conference, which has already been marked by the Archbishop of Canterbury…(Read More)

Our friends at ENS report that the Dioceses of Eastern Michigan and Western Michigan are in the process of finalizing an agreement to share a bishop.  In October, Eastern Michigan’s convention is scheduled to vote to elect Western Michigan Bishop Whayne Hougland Jr. as bishop provisional. If approved, Hougland would be following in the…(Read More)

Anglicans are at the forefront of several conversations taking place around the globe about environmental issues this week. First, in Japan, several clergy spoke at the International Forum for a Nuclear-Free World held in Sendai about the consequences of the 2011 explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant. The forum, organized by the Nippon Se…(Read More)

Thinking Anglicans today published an opinion piece by Andrew Greystone. Following on the recent publication of the Church of England’s inquiry into sexual abuse (see the Café’s previous coverage here). In Greystone’s words, describes, “’an entirely different approach’ in the church’s relationship with victims of abuse in church contexts.” Some excerpts…(Read More)

In the spiritual realm and in the Church, it is important to have clear lines of authority.  The agreement that I signed with Archbishop Okoh has allowed each of the CANA dioceses to bring clarity since they were technically connected with two provinces, two archbishops, and two houses of bishops. For those choosing to remain…(Read More)

The Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church, meeting from April 23-26 in Evanston, Illinois, has decided that much of the so-called Traditional Plan, which the General Conference adopted at its most recent meeting in February, is constitutional. The United Methodist Church’s top court has found that while some provisions of the…(Read More)

Bishop Happenings


Today seems to be a heavy news day as far as Anglican bishops are concerned. There are three articles of note: First, from ACNS: Over 500 Bishops from 39 Anglican Provinces Register Organisers of next year’s Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops have announced that 502 bishops and 382 spouses have so far registered for…(Read More)

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