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NRSV to be updated


The translation philosophy of the NRSV will be maintained, including its overarching commitment to being “‘as literal as possible’ in adhering to the ancient texts and only ‘as free as necessary’ to make the meaning clear in graceful, understandable English…(Read More)

“I’ve read studies that suggest the presence of a chaplain can make a difference without saying anything,” she said. “Just being aware that someone is there helps…(Read More)

You might be hearing Jesus say that, with the Second Coming, he’s going to mop up the floor with those who don’t conform. But I invite you to listen more carefully…(Read More)

Glue is the Clue


Experts believe the site was identified around A.D. 325 A.D., when the Roman emperor Constantine the Great came to the city with his team to locate places associated with the life of Jesus…(Read More)

Church Without Walls


St Isidore’s Episcopal Church feeds bodies, minds and souls developing small worship groups in a variety of places from cafés to gyms to laundries…(Read More)

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