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1. Back in TIME (1965), AKA The Annals of Original Meaning – “The Episcopalians, for example, are committed to help weaker Anglican churches abroad through a “mutual responsibility [and interdependence]” program that was proposed at the Toronto Anglican Congress in 1963.” How soon we forget what the “I” in MRI really means.

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2. The raft of complex financial, pastoral, and historical issues surrounding our buildings has made this a problem easier to ignore than to address, says the Episcopal Church Building Fund. (Think of the bee sting analogy.)

3. Faking it for the sake of the children. (Christianity, that is.) Are we faking it less than in the 1950’s?

4. The story behind the self-contradiction, “This page intentionally left blank.” It’s in the regs.

5. “Americans are more prejudiced against poverty than they are against black people.” Europeans, the opposite.

6. The quest for innocence in political religious journalism means the desire to be manifestly agenda-less, but this can get in the way of describing things.

7. A lot of us believe in miracles.

8. Touch is a language.

9. There was a huge portrait of Ben Bernanke that had been completely desecrated, and there was a video of fire, and there was a big durian fruit that had been sliced opened, and it was stinking up the entire room.

10. Miss me yet? The Nation does.

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