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Recalled Papal Nuncio to Ireland transferred, Uganda fast-tracks anti-gay bill, Church Union against assisting Ordinariate, Apostle Philip’s tomb?, God’s job approval

Ireland’s recalled Papal Nuncio to be transferred to Czech Republic

The Church Union is “against any notion of assisting those who have joined the Ordinariate.” Its president resigns.

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill on a fast track

Apostle Philip’s tomb found in Turkey? You decide.

God’s job approval ratingat 52% in the U.S.

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As someone who began working within TEC ecumenically ~25 years ago, inc. for (in God's Good Time!) union of the Church including the Church of Rome, it BOGGLES MY MIND that *anyone* could think that Anglicanorum Coetibus could FURTHER the ecumenical project, instead of (re the AC and Rome) damn near KILLING it. [Pardon the run-on sentence!]

I've heard said of attempts to revive) ARCIC (Anglican/Roman Catholic International Consultation), "What is there left to talk about?" It seems to me that to ask "Rome, why did you stab us in the back?" is an appropriate place to renew the conversation (I'm not holding my breath as to the response, though).

JC Fisher

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