Assorted links


1. The New Statesman interviews Rowan Williams about the role of religion in society.

2. Markets in everything: Get’cha hot hot confessional booths right here. Slightly used.

3. Change or Die: Does the church more try to motivate change by The Three F’s: Facts, Fear and Force, or by The Three R’s: Relate, Repeat and Reframe?

4. Does the DOG scale measure dogmatism?

5. Is this connected to the Vatican’s Ordinariate for Anglicans?: Vatican requires English Catholic saint feast days be celebrated as national feasts in England.

6. Clearly not applicable to the Anglican Communion: “The Talmud teaches that casual hatred caused the collapse of the Second Temple … People … are prepared to hurt and shame other human beings who happen not to share the same understanding of reality.”

7. The crippled seaport in Haiti’s capital, critical to getting the country back on its feet, is mired in cronyism, waste, scandal and inertia.

8. Why not celebrate the return of mom and dad under our roof like we celebrate a new baby? What do you think of this video? Snow job or real need?

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