“Archbishop ‘deluded’, says local bishop”


Or so states the headline in an Australian newspaper that reports on the reaction of some other bishops in Australia to the recent actions of Bishop Jensen of Sydney.

“Bishop Philip Huggins has written to The Age suggesting that Dr Jensen is ‘deluded’ about the Jerusalem conference of 300 evangelical Anglican bishops that ended on Sunday with the launch of a conservative church within a church.

[…]Dr Jensen had not communicated with any Australian bishops, ‘so we can’t help him see the downside of his post-conference rhetoric’.

Bishop Huggins said the negative publicity hurt ordinary Anglicans, devalued the work of faithful Christians, and endangered young people who were confused about their sexuality and threatened by homophobia. He said he had spent much of the week trying to comfort and encourage Melbourne Anglicans.

He told The Age that Dr Jensen had breached protocol by publishing an opinion piece in another diocese without talking to his colleagues there, which put Melbourne’s bishops in a difficult position. ‘We are not a client state of an imperial state required to be silent, and people have been hurt. People have been passionate about what the church should be since Peter and Paul were arguing in the first years of the church,’ he said.”

Read the full article here.

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Why is it that just now the bishops begin to speak out? First the Archbishop of Canterbury, then Bishop Wright, and now Bishop Huggins. Didn't they see this coming?

On the other hand, the Gafconites seem to have made a grave mistake in scheduling their gathering when they did and putting out their manifesto from Jerusalem.

June Butler

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