Anniversary of the Consecration of Gene Robinson as Bishop


Today is the 10th anniversary of the consecration of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire. Thanks and congratulations:


From Susan Russell:

Ten years ago today, on a drippy New Hampshire afternoon in a hockey arena-turned-cathedral, V. Gene Robinson was consecrated the 9th Bishop of New Hampshire — and the paradigm shifted and the arc of history bent a little closer to justice and … well — you fill in the blank.

If you were there, what do you remember?

If you weren’t, what do YOU remember?

And either way — how do you think the world and the church are different because of what happened on November 2, 2003?

And what — if any — message to you have for Bishop Robinson on this anniversary?

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Leonardo Ricardo

I remember the event and my feelings. I remember straining long, very long, distance for news, for the seemed like some kind of goal needed to be achieved, to be leaped to but with no end run possible...the moment of consecration left me breathless. When *it* was done, his goal, his calling, the Episcopal score finally felt more even, more honest, more lifted up with integrity.

WE/HE are finally amongst the acknowledged full-fledged winners...of course, The Rt. Reverend Gene Robinson put US in the Hall of Fame.

The rest is history, and I thank you Bishop Gene.

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"Only God can judge ya" as the noted theological ethicist Miley Cyrus declares ;-/ . . .

. . . but the episcopacy of the Right Rev V. Gene Robinson appears to have been an unqualified GRACE-FILLED success.

Thank you, +Gene!

JC Fisher

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