An Advent window into the heart of the Scottish Episcopal Church


The Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) has launched a heartfelt and eclectic video series to mark the season of Advent that offers a peek into the heart and soul of the church.  The videos are short, less than two minutes and include poems, prayers, reflections, and testimonies.


In the first video introducing the series, the Most Rev Mark Strange, Primus of the SEC, says that the videos “help us to reflect on the major themes of Advent and some of the themes that people have come up with as they consider their preparations; as they prepare themselves to celebrate the birth of Christ.”


In another, Joanna MacDonald, a woman preparing for ordination, reflecting on the call of Mary in the light of Advent and her own call to ministry, says; “In one sense it’s how I understand this time of formation and preparation for me, but it’s also something that I now realize we are all called to.  And just like Mary, sometimes it can be really scary, but in Advent there is an expectation that becomes unavoidable.”


There is also a moving recitation of George Herbert’s poem “Christmas” by a series of young voices drawn from every diocese of the Scottish Episcopal Church.


You can check it out here and also share the videos on Facebook.

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Kenneth Asel
Kenneth Asel

Thank you for this article on the Advent resource of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Just about a year ago I completed a 10 week consultation for the Diocese of Argyll & the Isles looking at the benefits of a 5 year charge (congregation) vitality project. The SEC in the western isles is made up of very small congregations, similar to the Diocese of Wyoming where I last served before retirement. I was one of a very few full time rectors; most clergy were locally trained and served very small congregations. It was always a challenge providing resources and support in this environment. The SEC is conscious of this reality and I found the Advent program a part of a series of aids. As the Cafe has focused on liturgical reforms it would be good to look at the SEC's solution. While there is a BCP, they have also published a series of pamphlets that are inexpensive and accessible for worship. The quality is excellent and the language eloquent without being old-fashion.

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