Ahmanson becomes a Democrat


Kathleen Parker, a columnist for The Washington Post writes:

In what one might call a biblical move, Christian philanthropist Howard Ahmanson — one of three major funders of the campaign for California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages — has abandoned the GOP for the Democratic Party.

No one ever said the multimillionaire isn’t idiosyncratic.

In a rare interview Thursday, Ahmanson shared some of his thoughts about why he switched parties. In a word, taxes.

It is a decent column, except for this bit:

Ahmanson certainly doesn’t believe that homosexuals should be executed, as some of his critics have suggested, but he does believe that gays should “come to Christ and then recover.”

But here are Ahmanson’s own words, spoken in an interview published in August, 2004 with the Orange County Register that was meant to soften his bellicose image:

“I think what upsets people is that Rushdoony seemed to think–and I’m not sure about this–that a godly society would stone people for the same thing that people in ancient Israel were stoned. I no longer consider that essential. It would still be a little hard to say that if one stumbled on a country that was doing that, that it is inherently immoral, to stone people for these things. But I don’t think it’s at all a necessity.”

The series in which he made these remarks is online here, although the link to part three, in which the quote occurs seems to be broken. You can read more about Ahmanson and his role in attempting to break up the Anglican Communion in part one of my series Following the Money

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2 Responses to "Ahmanson becomes a Democrat"
  1. That's how one can that, unfortunately, the Democratic Party has no membership requirements.

    JC Fisher

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  2. ¨It would still be a little ¨...hard to say that if one stumbled on a country that was doing that, that it is inherently immoral, to stone people for these things. But I don't think it's at all a necessity."

    Wait, I DON´T THINK I missed this part!

    You mean, stumbled upon a country like Akinolan Nigeria and Orombian Uganda? How about a little stumbling in Iraq and Iran while we´re tip toeing around despots?

    Come to think about it Jamaica, and upcoming May ACC Meeting is one heck of a place to ¨stumble¨ upon if one is The Archbishop of Caterbury and 150 others...Jamaica is a great place to OPEN ONES EYES to the vicious crimes of hate against LGBT people (the most abusive in The Western Hemisphere is hardly a stumble away).

    I must agree, when one is sick, emotionally, physically and spiritually...one ought reach out for help...I think Mr. Ahmanson has stumbled upon a solution that may help him if the Democrat Party gig doesn´t work out...he can´t keep rationalizing the fear and hate-mongering which is ¨inherently immoral¨ against LGBT human beings anylonger/anyplace.

    ALERT! Conservative Democrats aware!

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