A program like no other



A great program in Sacramento at Trinity Cathedral which offers shelter, food and more to those who are homeless:

Sacramento’s Trinity Cathedral offers haven to homeless


From the Sacramento Bee

The homeless people who walk through the doors of Trinity Cathedral in midtown Sacramento have faith in the church, the only one in the area to offer them a hot meal and a roof over their heads.

Since mid-December, the homeless have escaped the wet and cold for a warm sleeping bag on the floor of the church hall twice a week. A slice of heaven on earth, said one.

“You have no idea how much that means,” said Ronnie Holiday, who has been on the streets for years. “They’re going to be blessed for doing this, I’ll tell you that.”

No other church runs a program like the one at Trinity Cathedral, homeless advocates said.

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2 Responses to "A program like no other"
  1. I'm one of the organizers. As if I needed to underscore--there is so much love in that hall when we do this. These relationships are integral to us being the community that we are.

    Safe Ground comes with the infrastructure that makes hosting them easy. But you could do this anywhere. Ask us how!

    Kirstin Paisley

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  2. Trinity's Safe Ground Ministry started in Mid-December, and has taken off like a rocket. We have a large data base of volunteers at the church, and Safe Ground itself is well organized - we work together to 'set the banquet table'. It's wonderful!

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