A Litany for the United States on Independence Day


Creative and merciful God,

protect this great nation from the diabolic forces that hinder our love of you and one another.  Aid us in our growth into the new consciousness that a global awareness must bring.


Many of us are the offspring of immigrants who fled their countries of origin because of persecution or economic hardship.  May we come to understand and deal mercifully with your people who come to our borders today seeking asylum and better life circumstances.  Help us to move beyond the tendency to dehumanize them. Instead guide us into the difficult and painful understanding that demands we find a place for them and aid them.


Many of us are the offspring of slaves.  Many have slave owners as forebears. We struggle still in the divisiveness of racism.  Help those of us who do not usually think about issues of race to be aware of our privilege and to use it for the good of all.  Comfort and aid those of us who deal with racial discrimination daily. Help us all to grow in the knowledge of how these issues cripple us, and to dialogue across divides.


Many of us are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer.  Help those of us who struggle with issues of gender identity and sexuality to discover that you created each of us as we are on purpose.  Help us to understand that you long for the creative expression of our unique natures. Help us all to accept one another in the colorful diversity that is your dream for humanity.


We know and serve you through myriad processes.  Each religion this nation harbors brings its own understanding of you, and together we share a picture that is more complete than any individual faith can provide.  And yet we are each drawn into relationship with you through the particular spiritual practices to which you have led us. Help us to accept the diverse paths that each of us has chosen.  At the same time, help us grow and deepen in our own understanding of you through the Way that you have shown us.


Our nation encompasses hundreds of ecosystems, each unique and beautiful.  As the global climate changes, many species of plants and animals are lost to us forever.  As the human population increases, many of our wild places are severely compromised. Help us to learn about and protect the land you have given us in stewardship.  Help us to be humble in our understanding so that all beings might thrive.


May we continue to live as pioneers.  Help us to push the boundaries that separate us.  Help us explore the territory that exists between us.  Help us move beyond our fear into new understandings of what it means to dwell together as one nation under God.  Help us to live into the dream of real freedom for all.


In Christ’s name, we pray.  Amen.

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