Day: June 9, 2021

Psalm Reader Part I: Confidence in God in the COVID Chaos, A word from Sri Lanka

When disaster hits, how can one remain fearless? The Psalmist’s faith is focused solely on God’s near presence and support, not on something remarkable in himself, his nation’s rulers, or the superpowers of his time. The entire Psalm has the same theme of trusting in God’s presence, support, and security for God is their refuge. It also emphasizes God’s existence and friendship with His people, and the Psalmist reveals the secret of his unwavering certainty and faith in God’s presence. The Psalm’s second section (vv. 4-8) starts by proclaiming the blessings of being in God’s presence (v. 4). The river that runs through Jerusalem brings joy to the city of God. In its metaphorical sense, the river denotes blessing, regeneration, harmony, and prosperity, with the river serving as a source of life.