Day: May 24, 2021

Report on Polk Memorial at St. Paul’s Augusta

Consultants to St. Paul’s Augusta recommend:
Honor the deliberative process of the Vestry and acknowledge that Vestry decisions have been prayerfully considered and made through God’s grace
Vestry appoints a representative task force to develop a complete plan to carryout the Vestry action to
move the Polk memorial.
The task force offers a variety of ways for parishioners to comment on the plan and fully informs the parish on all steps.

Diocese of Virginia to study reparations

“The Executive Board recognizes the seriousness of the request and the necessity of discussing the issue,” said Board member Alda White. “Reparations is not an easy conversation. Nor is it a short conversation. It is a process. While the Board is unsure of what shape our work will take on this issue, we are committed to taking it on, prayerfully and deliberately.”