Day: May 9, 2021

Patience through the Wilderness

“I deeply mourned the loss of that dream and spent an entire year healing, focused on doing all the things I put on hold while I was in the wilderness. Despite the hardship, I did feel God’s presence. God was the pillar of cloud bringing me from oasis to oasis, meeting others who were traveling the same road.”

Humility in Power: The Ethiopian Eunuch

What is striking about the story in Acts, is that this powerful man, in a chariot, reading Isaiah, humbly said he could not understand, and needed someone to guide him. This was humility in its most pure and modest form.  Think how willing people are today to acknowledge what they don’t know. Think how often people resent someone who tries to teach something, however gently. A powerful man is assumed to be someone who knows the secrets to power, and is not assumed to be in need of a teacher. That is what makes the Ethiopian Eunuch a model for us all: true humility means we live the truth of who we really are, without pretension or deceit or false modesty. We acknowledge that there is wisdom greater than ours, and much to learn.

Born of God

“The consciousness of being born of God is not constant in me by any means.  Often I act selfishly.  But the more conscious I am in the dance of creation the more torn open by love I am.  There is nowhere I have to go, nothing that I must become.”