Day: April 21, 2021

The Prayer Book in the Pandemic

In the last year, we have been presented with the opportunity to know the Prayer Book more intimately as friend and companion. While we have been, to varying degrees, separated from the Eucharist, the Prayer Book has been there for us offering community in isolation. In a time of great absence, it has served as a sacramental presence, an outward and visible sign of the presence of grace among us. In so doing, it has embodied for us the potential to realize that, despite distance, we are all connected and sustained by the mysterious yet abiding depth of a divine incarnational love.

On Loan

“And I do. Praise spills from this invocation into my soul like water from a pitcher into a glass. The Venite. The Jubilate. A Psalm. Routine, unextraordinary, but this opening praise is marvelously settling.”