Day: April 3, 2021

Three Traditions of Good Friday

“May we take the time on this Holy Saturday to reflect deeply on what Holy Week represents, especially Good Friday. In what other ways can we show our submission to Christ, emulate his life, illustrate his teachings, and devotion to God?”

Tom Buechele: Ageism in the Ordained Ministry, Part II

It is not the intent here in these offerings to damn the institutional Church for its complicity in ageism. As we well know, “isms” are pervasive and finds their  expression in mandates, protocols, exclusion. We have heard it said, maybe, who it is who loves the details. But this “ism” for my focus leads, I believe, to images of fragile, incompetent, disabled men and women with “white collars around their necks.

In An Easter Church: The Long Holy Saturday by Terence Alfred Aditon   

How difficult to change a holy habit                                                   

           even for one holier.

They marked the time so they could tend the grave

While, unknown, this bursting Star of life                   

          was finishing the miracle of its own Sabbath sleep –

Or was it sleep?                                

          That Saturday is a secret kept by heaven —