Day: February 28, 2021


We, in the West, do not like to let go of things.  This is proven by the storage industry. Last year alone, Americans spent $38 billion on self-storage – to store things they wanted to keep, but did not want to see, use or touch. Hmm. What could $38 billion, used differently do?

Lord Have Mercy

The process of repentance draws us back

            against our will,

            wanting cheer, not sadness –

But like the cartoon spectre,

            it waits and knows

            surrender to memory will come.

A Name Change

“Personally, I have no interest in becoming the matriarch of nations.  But I’m hard pressed to know what my deepest yearning would truly be.  If God were to make a covenant with me and were to change my name — what do I want most in all the world?”