Day: February 7, 2021

Dan Ennis – One month In: Character Still Counts

On January 21, 2021, President Joe Biden continued an American tradition by attending a prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral. The event included a closing prayer from Presiding Bishop Curry.  Since 1933, the National Inaugural Prayer Service has been a familiar part of the inaugural ceremonies, but even before the was a National Cathedral, The Episcopal Church prayed for—and with—Presidents. That tradition began with George Washington and the first inauguration in 1789.

The Daily Sip: The Fall into Grace

As a person who writes, I get a lot of mail.  About 25 emails or letters a week, given eight thousand on the registration list and the thousands on my Facebook friends list. They sometimes rail at me.  But usually, they write in dulcet, quiet, frightened tones as if we might be overheard by someone.  “Is it true?” they say.  “Is this all a mystery?” they ask.  “What will happen to me if I do not subscribe to the dogma but just enjoy the community and the music – will I be cast out?”

Prayer and God’s Way

“Where are you getting your “marching orders” from these days?  Are you serving the needs of the small self, or are you working for God?  It’s usually not an either-or issue so much as a complicated mish-mash.”