Day: January 31, 2021

That day my prayer was answered

I think a lot about my friend in the camp and how he appreciated the sandwich but really wanted the prayer. I want to build a ministry that brings both, that meets folks in the middle of their struggles and offers both practical resources and spiritual resources. I think the church has a lot to offer on both fronts. I hope to be brave in trying new things, and in being open to that Spirit I had thought for a moment had abandoned me. Meeting the needs of my friends on the streets is where I’m most likely to run into Jesus, with his crazy requests for prayer on the side of the road.

The Daily Sip: Formation is in our hands

It is so easy to confuse equanimity with indifference. With indifference, one simply does not notice when bad things happen or, worse still, we anesthetize the pain with substances or experiences. With equanimity, on the other hand, one welcomes the abuses and betrayals that happen in our lives as teachers sent from a cosmos in whose kiln-of-life you rest for a time, becoming something. The longer and hotter the fire, the more beautiful and durable is the pot.