Day: January 24, 2021

The Daily Sip: Loopholes

Mum would say “That’s the end! Go to bed.” And I would say “It’s not the end, there’s an epilogue.” And then Mum would yell at Dad for teaching me big words like Epilogue. She would say… “now! …will you look at this word, your son’s throwing back at me!”  I was always “your son” when I was in trouble.  I was also always in trouble.  The pattern continues to this day.

Call Out the Gospel that Sings

“People need our voices and our understanding.  And I really do believe that when they hear the call of Love they will respond.  Their souls will leap for joy as they recognize our words.  They may be frightened and angry as well — the call of Christ brings a profound reorientation — but they will recognize, and, hopefully, be changed.”