Day: January 17, 2021

Greg Fuhrum: Living with conflict, protesting Catholicism

There is a narrow access road running down the middle of my Pennsylvania hometown cemetery, separating the Catholic “St. Mary’s Cemetery” from the Protestant “Freeport Cemetery.”  Separate cemeteries for Roman Catholics are common for a number of historical reasons; but this side-by-side arrangement, in a town small enough for most people to have known numerous …

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Loree Penner: Speaking Frankly

I weep because hatred wears many costumes. Most of those we are familiar with: racism, sexism, homophobia. But one of the costumes hate wears is righteousness. It is a costume, trust me – it is not the real thing. However, that costume is worn with the belief that the wearer is in the right. We saw it in the Capitol that day – the righteous costume on a person changing out our flag. People calling themselves Christian and doing unchristian acts.  People thinking they were doing the right thing by scaling the walls of a government building.

Love and Listening

“On Day 5 I envisioned an image of planets in orbit around the sun, and Day 6 brought one particular planet to the forefront — all self-contained and resplendent in its thin envelope of air.  Love is a force like gravity.”