Day: November 21, 2020

Uncovering Recovery: The Platitude of Gratitude

“One way, then, to edge out the space resentment seeks to claim in our hearts and in our lives is to cultivate gratitude.  Recovery spirituality is clear that we do not have the power to remove our own shortcomings or malformed patterns of thinking (like resentfulness)—only our Higher Power can do that.  However, what we can do is to cultivate virtues that edge out our shortcomings.  So if I want to avoid the poison of resentment in my life, I can cultivate gratitude.”

Episcopal Peace Fellowship-Palestine Israel Network Commends Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility on 50 Years of Service

“The work of CCSR demonstrates that the way we deal with our money and investments witnesses to our grounding in the spiritual gifts which are ours in Baptism.  Among the many gifts given for spiritual discernment, such as teaching, prophecy, and healing, is administration or oversight.  Those charged with oversight are called to be exemplary in love.  This means that God’s love for Creation must shine forth in all of our decision-making, including the ways we invest our treasure to further our mission.  Therefore, attention must be paid to social responsibility in investments.”

Subversive Undercroft #175 When It Matters

Jesus’ incarnation shows us that human-ness itself is not the barrier to living into God’s hope for us. We can overcome, through our own effort and walk by faith; And when we do it gladdens the heart of God.

Telling the Story

“Sometimes we exaggerate just a little or leave out bits that don’t make us feel good about our selves. Our stories began when we were born, with the tales our parents and grandparents told us about what we did and were like before we had any conscious memories of them.”