Day: November 7, 2020

2FAB: St Teneu of Scotland

Jordan and Luci are exploring the women central to the expansion of Christianity in the west. Join them to hear discussions of history, weird facts, and even some advice for today’s Christian feminists who are trying to pick up where these awesome church mothers left off.

Uncovering Recovery: Directionally Challenged

“Paradoxically, when we begin to decide and choose under the care of God, much of our anxiety falls away… we are no longer obsessed with getting what we want or avoiding what we don’t, which is probably, eventually, what lies at the root of our anxiety.  Paradoxically, when we begin to choose under the care of God, decisions become much clearer.  Often our minds become clouded because of excessive emotional entanglement in our decisions and choices due to the urgency and craving of the Ego.  As the Ego’s part diminishes, the fog or paralysis also vanishes.”

Mountain Movers

“There are times when life seems to be nothing but a sheer cliff with no way to get up except to free climb using our hands and toes to find crevices in the rock and slowly and carefully make our way from one toe- or hand-hold to another until we reach the top or fall backward to our detriment.”