Day: September 20, 2020

Five Bible-Walks in the Holy Land

In the land of Israel, almost any piece of ground your footsteps steps on, also has a biblical connection. The major sites like the Church of Holy Sepulcher or the Mount of Beatitudes need no further introduction. Here we will describe 5 walks to lesser-known spots that associate with the greatest story of the bible. Reaching the location on foot brings an added value of a deeper connection with the land.

2FAB: St Clotilde

This week,a saint who was a princess and a queen and who significantly contributed to the conversion of the ancient Franks to the faith of Jesus

A Meditation on Eve

“Eve, by eating of the apple takes God’s wisdom into her physical body-cells and heart-soul.  God entered into each cell of her body in that moment and we have inherited that presence of God in our cells. Eve then leaves the garden because she has wisdom and no longer needs the protection of the garden walls. She leaves being an adolescent and becomes an adult, able to hear God’s voice because God dwells inside her.”