Day: September 13, 2020


“If our existence is simplified to the finite time spent communicating and coupling with others on our tiny rock shooting around the sun, then we are compelled to have some sort of lasting impact on our culture in order to be remembered, and thus, live on. On the other hand, our relationship with God promises an everlasting afterlife in heaven. There is no need to be remembered ‘as it were’ with the ability to reconnect with others for an eternity. Of course, this is only allowed if a person has lived well enough to pass through the pearly gates in the first place… The alternative being hell. Therefore, we all should endeavor to live well enough to reconnect in our heavenly afterlife. A coupling with the Devil is discouraged, to say the least.”

What If We Miss These Times?

“What if 2020 has afforded us all a retreat – a time to spend time with ourselves, to identify with what we hold to be important.  History will surely be both compassionate and judgmental in how many have approached this pandemic and in policies enacted and those not followed.  We will all have stories of this year to pass along to others but what if, perhaps in just a small way, once we return to “normal” we miss it just a little?  What if we look back and realize lost opportunity?”

A Song Lyric of Fire

“I am Seraph. I am one of the Seraphim. My name comes from the Hebrew word “seraph” which means “to burn.” When we speak in the temple, it fills with smoke and its timbers shake in the midst of our fire, and our voice.
Our fire is part of all fire and all fire is part of us. 
We clean.
We prophesy. We destroy. We create fields ready for new growth. We are fanned by ecclesial arrogance and human greed.
We are not in Manhattan on 9/11, nor are we in California on 9/12.”

Red Sea Crossings

“I have learned that my most authentic self will never be beyond God’s protective reach.  But, then, I have a different understanding of other people than I did when I was four.  I have learned that nobody is on the wrong side; God cherishes all and longs for each.”