Day: August 1, 2020

Uncovering Recovery: The Shifty Self, Part I

Each morning as my wife and I brushed our teeth, washed our faces, and fixed our hair, our minds already beginning to spin around the challenges and chances of the day, we were addressed by a small brick-red sticker taped to our bathroom mirror.  In bold white letters the sticker affirmed, “You are looking at the only problem you’ll have today.” 

Justice, Compassion, and the African American Man

“The charges against Amy Cooper are about more than an unfortunate encounter between Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper in the Ramble. Her actions in Central Park echo behaviors that have become too-commonplace in our country: To accuse a Black man of committing an act of violence is to create in our culture a credible claim which too often automatically renders the Black man guilty and automatically exonerates other potential perpetrators.”

The Prophet Who Lost His Head

“It’s a comfort to me to know that God’s heart and hands are big enough and loving enough to enclose all of us, no matter whether I think they are unworthy, rotten to the core, or uncaring about anyone other than themselves. God doesn’t always seem to protect the prophets who try to draw attention to things Christians and others should pay attention to, but that has often been the plight of prophets since the job of prophet first appeared.”