Day: July 26, 2020

Curious and Kind

“Your savings account is not everything.  Your health is not everything.  Your possessions and house are not everything.  Your resume and your offspring are not everything.  Your creeds and your rituals are not everything.  Indeed, nothing outside of you is everything.  Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything and will get you through this.  But beware, for they are hard, internal work. Stop being right, and choose instead to be curious and kind.”

The Yeast of Heaven in the Ordinary Moment

“I find myself taking the free moments in the midst of my activities to listen for what the Holy might be saying to me.  While I am waiting for Rosean to walk down the hall on her walker, I let my senses drift out the window, embracing a soft breeze and the songs of many birds.  When I am cooking dinner, I let my mind drift, listening for what meaningful current will carry my heart.  Christ reaches out for me in the dancing of a leaf, the flash of a blue flower, the ringing of our neighbor’s wind chimes, the memory of a favorite hymn, or the whisper of an imagined conversation.  The Holy One is always right there.”