Day: May 30, 2020

Sacrament and Science in a Global Health Crisis

“Particularly in these days of pandemic, we should recognize God’s presence in all that serves to nurture life. This means that the divine is present to and with us in all those who are working to address and alleviate the public health crisis and assist with economic recovery. It also means that grace should be recognized as capable of transcending virtual boundaries therefore granting online worship greater sacramental significance in these strange times. In this sense, the Eucharist comes with us even as we remain in isolation from its physical presence. Since we are unsure how long the threat of the pandemic will last, this will allow us to more effectively navigate our status as communities in isolation.”

Hearing Different Voices

“The thing that speaks to me about Aguayo’s poem is that it speaks from a perspective of a deeply empathetic person, one who sees life differently through the lenses of his own mental illness and who has a sincere faith. I especially love the last two lines, “Joan wants no beauty in her,/but in the people for whom for whom she fought.” For Joan, it was not about fame or glory, but for her country and country’s folk. Her voices told her what needed to be done and trusted her to pass on the message. She believed them in turn as genuine messengers from God, and, as such, she obeyed them.”