Day: May 24, 2020

The Clamoring

“At a pause from daily life
          When all grows quiet and still
When you have brought yourself to a peaceful pause in the seeming doldrums of this life
          And beginning to see things as they truly are
There comes a clamoring…”

Training Wheels and Now

“So now I bake bread at home. I have time to mix and wait and kneed and wait and kneed and wait and bake. And I eat the hot bread with wine at night but in the morning – especially Sunday mornings, I eat the hot bread with salted butter made by Irish people and cows with raspberry jam which reminds me more of blood than the wine ever did. Or my sins.”

Pray Tenderly

“We are all beloved servants of God, heirs to the kin-dom of divine love. But we are in a world that does not see this. We ourselves are apt to put belief in societal constructs, family affiliations, and clan-like organizations ahead of neighbor to neighbor caring. Unlearning all that can be dangerous and intimidating.”