Day: April 20, 2020

A Theological Memoire

“The bigness of Christ is there but the need to touch a personal Christ has invaded my life and my soul. That need has always been there, but it seems to me that there is something immediate now about needing to know the personal Jesus inside me – to remember him for who he was to Peter – a personal Lord who calls me to try to walk on these waves with Him. All I have to do is try – and He catches me before I sink. I need His immediate promise of redemption. Not a future promise – not a past promise – His immediate redemption of me, now, and my situation, now.”

Must We Suffer?

“Let us learn to embrace those words we chose to throw away. Suffering. Sin. The Evil One. And at the same time let us learn to embrace those prettified words for their true meanings, their hard and real meanings. Faith. Obedience. Love. Healed. Because without walking through the shadow of death, can there be the support, love, and gifts of our Shepherd?”

Subversive Undercroft #144

Belief and faith in difficult times can be hard, but if we can lift our eyes just a little, when can see the presence of God come to us.

2FAB: St Apollonia

2FAB look into the life and legacy of Appollonia, ancient Egyptian church leader, martyred in Alexandria