Day: April 12, 2020

The Daily Sip: Irresistible Easter

“We have been using the word “corona” to define a virus.  Etymologically, its ancient root as a noun came from the mid-1600s when the Latin “corona” meant “crown.”  The virus we now know as coronavirus was so named three centuries later in the mid-1960s for the spikes protruding from the cell’s membranes like the tines of a crown or like the round corona of the sun.”

Let’s Enter Joyfully into this New Day

“What we have left, once again, is the story.  And today it is THE story, the story to answer all our anxieties.  “I have seen the Lord,” says Mary. She knows he is no longer in the tomb; he has conquered death.  And gradually, over weeks and years, she and all Jesus’ followers will come to understand what this means.”