Day: March 22, 2020

Forced into a Pagan Easter

What if we could all do this on Easter Day?  What if we could all place a daffodil on the grass, lots of them, six feet apart? What if, on the grass of the the parks of our little village, we could spread daffodils marking six-foot-squares? And what if, in the parks by our seas, we could all gather on Easter Day in a Creed-free Zone?  Silently? Socially-distanced but together. Do I mean to annoy liturgists?  No.  It’s just a side-benefit.

Act in Love

“Rather than worrying about hand sanitizer and toilet paper, we can take pride in finding safer ways to deliver food to people who are hungry.  We can bug our town councils about providing places to shelter for those experiencing homelessness. We can reach out by phone and computer to our friends and family who are isolated.  We can send money to organizations which are safely providing health care, food and shelter to people who have been infected. We can enjoy walking outside and can take photos to share with those who can’t get out.  In millions of ways we can be creative, joyous, and active in love.”