Day: March 13, 2020

Virus Concern Offers the Church a Worship Alternative

“Abstaining from communion was the single best Lenten experience of my life. I discovered that I could be fed by the Word and other elements of worship. During this period, I discovered God’s abundant grace and love not in the bread or wine but in other simple ways—a hymn, the sermon, and even in the exchange of a smile with a member of the congregation. My Easter experience was made extraordinary through my Lenten practice. I truly came to appreciate worship in all its diversity in the Episcopal Church.”

From Shoemaker to Shepherd

“As his involvement in this work continued, Holly began to feel the call to Holy Orders.  He was ordained a deacon in 1855 and a priest in 1866. Around that time he was one of the co-founders of The Protestant Episcopal Society for Promoting the Extension of the Church Among Colored People–you and I would know them as the Union of Black Episcopalians.  He was clearly becoming more deeply involved in the emigration movement, and in 1861 he led 110 African-Americans to settle in Haiti.”