Day: February 17, 2020

Preparing for Good Friday

“The choice we Christians face this Lent is to confront the heritage from the past and its impact or to be silent. For the faithful who have heard over many years the Passion according to John, it can be heard differently this Good Friday. To the seeker who might hear this narrative rarely or even for the first time in our church, what must we say? What will we choose to say— in writing?”

Why the Psalms?

“And I rest in faith of God’s grace and abundant love. But I am fragile and vulnerable. And I still wrestle with a wasted life. And all the things the psalmist said. The ups and downs of our life with God, our life in Christ. And I am seeking again in the Psalms the range of life’s emotions: fears, joys, pains, sins, angers, return to God. All of these are in the Psalms.”